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Why do I need professional photography for my real estate listings?

The National Association of Realtors® tells us that 85% of home buyers begin their search on the internet.  If the first photo they see isn’t enticing, they are going to pass on your listing.  Real Estate Photography is the new curb appeal.  My pics will get you clicks!

Top producing listing agents are realizing a second benefit of professional photography: they are winning more listings.  When agents show potential sellers my photos and compare them with typical agent photos, sellers see the difference.  Top producers concentrate on what they are good at, and leverage the services of professionals to fill the gaps.  Don’t let listings slip away by being penny wise and pound foolish.

I  think I take pretty good pictures.  Why do I need you?

For every hour I spend on site taking pictures, I spend one to two more hours processing the photos to look their best.  While on site, I take multiple ambient frames of each view then add flash frames to get the balance of light just right.  I then use a variety of High Dynamic Range tonemapping and exposure fusion methods in order to deliver a well-balanced, eye-catching final image.  Compare my photos to the typical photos taken by agents/home owners and tell me which look better.  You can spend the extra time and money to learn to process your digital photos, or you can leverage that time into creating new leads and building your business.  It’s up to you.

Who pays you, the agent or the seller?

My fee is often paid by the agent as a part of their marketing budget for the listing, but I can be paid directly by the seller as well.  Whoever pays me gets the license to use the photos for a year.  It’s in the contract.  Speaking of getting paid, I expect my fee to be paid in cash upon delivery of the photographs.

How much notice do you need in order to photograph a listing?

Typically, a couple of days in advance is good enough, but the sooner I can put you on the schedule, the better.  If this is your first time, download a copy of the contract and include it with your request.

How do we need to prepare the house for photography?

Download this checklist, follow the suggestions, and we will be assured success!

I should be the last one to join the party, after all repairs, landscaping and/or staging has been completed.  Make sure the house is clean and clutter free  (No, really clutter free), window screens are removed, and all light fixtures are equipped with working light bulbs.  I am glad to work with your designer or stager for an additional fee, but this should be planned in advance.

Do I have to be there while you take the pictures?

As a member of the Austin Board of Realtors®, I have a Supra Key and can let myself in.  You are always welcome to join me and be a part of the magic!

Do you fix things in Photoshop?

I use a variety of applications to process the final images for your listing.  It is important to me that the colors are correct, the exposure is balanced and that the home shows as well as it can.  But, as a subscriber to the Realtor Code of Ethics, I would never consider using digital effects to mask a defect.  You weren’t asking me to do that, were you?

Of course not.

Good.  We will work well together.

How can I earn $25 off of my next order?

If you refer me to an agent I have yet to work with, you will earn a $25 discount on your next photography package.




MASTERCARD AND VISA ARE NOW ACCEPTED! We are now set up to accept credit cards on site or at the office.

All packages below include a variety of interior and exterior photographs, processed and edited to show your property in its best light.  Finished photographs are delivered digitally in two resolutions – lo-res, which is optimized for use on the MLS and the internet – and hi-res, which is suitable for printed materials and magazines.

The package prices below are for baseline residential properties up to 3000 square feet, listed below $500,000.  Add $50 per 1000sf or $100K above the baseline.

STANDARD PACKAGE – Includes up to 25 photos, and a Virtual Tour suitable for use on the MLS – $150.00

PANORAMA PACKAGE – Includes up to 25 photos and up to 5 panoramic photos, all mounted onto a Virtual Tour – $185.00

EXPANDED PACKAGE – Includes up to 40 photos – which can include area amenities such as schools, pools & restaurants – mounted onto a Virtual Tour – $200.00

THE WORKS – Includes up to 40 photos and up to 5 panoramic photos, all mounted onto a Virtual Tour – $235.00

RENTAL/CONDO SPECIAL – Up to 10 photographs for use in MLS & Print marketing – $100.00

A LA CARTE additional services:

ADDITIONAL PHOTOS can be added to any package for $5 each. This must be ordered at the same time as the photo package.

PANORAMAS: Add panoramic photos to your package for $10 each.  This must be ordered at the same time as the photo package.

POLE AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Add a dramatic elevated view to your listing.  See example here. $25.00 when ordered with the package, $75.00 a la carte.

RETURN TRIP: Because you forgot we had an appointment, or to re-shoot a change in season:  $50.00

ADD A TWILIGHT SHOT: Return at dusk for that special once-a-day moment:  $75.00  See SAMPLE.

ASK ME HOW TO: Earn a $25.00 discount on your next order.

RUSH JOB: Because you messed up and failed to plan ahead:  Add 50% to the total.

PLACE SIGN & LOCKBOX: I’ll place the sign and lockbox at the property I’m photographing for an additional $25.00.

FLYERS: Use one of my flyer templates to show off your listing photos.  $25.00 a la carte, or $10.00 when added to any photography package.  Printing not included.

COMMERCIAL and ARCHITECTURAL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES: Are unique to each situation and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.  Prices begin at $400/full day and go up from there.  (Renting a crane or a helicopter isn’t cheap, you know….?)

TRAVEL: All properties located within the Austin Independent School District are included.  Any location outside AISD is subject to a charge of fifty cents per mile, round trip, from my Austin office, as determined by Google Maps.  I’m also willing to go anywhere.  I have a passport!

ALL PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES ARE SUBJECT TO 8.25% SALES TAX.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the State

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